Benefit of becoming a Training Centre

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  • Cash Compensation on Training

YEN pays a compensation fee per student to the training centre. Our training get between 15 -30 participants per edition. Cash paid to the training centre is number of graduating students multiplied our compensation fee.


  • Maximum Exposure / FREE Advert of Your Beauty Studio

YEN runs massive adverts on all her trainings and programmes inclusive online marketing, flyers, television and radio adverts. Your beauty studio will be listed in all our advert medium.


  • Increased Sales of Your Makeup and general Products at Your Studio

If you are not into sales of makeup products, you are advised to get started before YEN training commences at your studio. From our records, students buy product during their course of training. This will surely increase sales in your studio.

  • Opportunities to Run Further Trainings

From our records, trainers usually get about 40% of their attending students return for further training or something new. It opens a window of opportunity to market other trainings you offer at your studio.


  • Increased referrals to your Studio


  • YEN usually refers prospective students who missed our training to the training centre located at the student’s location. Also from our records, attending students at your studio usually refers people both for makeup jobs and training to the studio.


  • We also refer to you, people who contact us requesting makeup services like bridal job at your location and it’s environment


  • Listing of your Studio on our website.

Your makeup studio will be listed on our website as one of our training centre


  • Opportunity To give back to the Society

We provide a worthy platform to give back to the society through investing of your time in this training


Click the links below for more details.

Requirement to Become a Training Centre

Terms and Conditions for Makeup Training Centre

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