Terms and Conditions for Makeup Training Centre

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  1. YEN pays a compensation fee of five (5) thousand naira per participant trained.

*Means if you train 20 students, your compensation amount will be 20 multiplied N5, 000 which will be One hundred thousand (100,000)

  1. 60% of total amount due to the training centre will be credited within 72hours after training commence. The  balance of 40%  will be credited to the training centre within three (3) working days after last day of the training. And subject to receival of our items.
  1. YEN will not pay a compensation fee to the training centre for particpants who do not complete the training. Even If the participant makes a deposit or part payment.
  1. Trainers MUST be qualified, competent and well experienced
  1. Trainer MUST be available at our scheduled time and days
  1. Trainer MUST cover every module in the course outline with the exception of none
  1. Trainer MUST be accommodative and be able to resolve any issues with participants or amongst participants peacefully.
  1. Trainer cannot cancel or postpone training without prior notice and approval from the management.
  1. Trainer MUST follow YEN’s training schedule /calendar accordingly
  1. Pictures of the training should be sent after each class has been completed. This serve as proof of training done at your location.
  1. Pictures sent to YEN MUST not be tagged, branded or carrying any name.
  1. Participants make up kit and general materials will be sent to the training centre contact person before training commence.
  1. The training centre is required to receive cash payment at their centre only day one of training.
  1. Cash received day one MUST be credited same day to YEN’S bank account.
  1. The training centre MUST not receive cash payment from participant(s) after day one. All further payments should be made to the bank by the participant(s)
  1. The makeup kit should only be released to the participant(s) after payment is confirmed and cleared by our admin.
  1. Uninterrupted power supply MUST be made available throughout the training.
  1. Training environment MUST be properly cleaned and conducive for the participant(s)
  1. YEN is not responsible for the running of your training centre.
  1. YEN reserves the right to terminate a training centre any time if there is a failure to comply with the above conditions
Benefit of Becoming a Training Centre
Requirement to Become a Training Centre
General information on our Makeup Artist Training
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