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Who can Join YEN?

Youth Empowerment Nigeria warmly welcomes new members. Our membership is opened to everyone who has interest in joining this family. This is a Youth-led and Youth focused organizations dedicated to youth empowerment within Nigeria. YEN members receive extraordinary benefits that have a measurable impact in their field

"Joining YEN means so much more than membership within a group or an organization: you are becoming a part of a community"


Why join YEN?

By becoming a member of YEN you will join a unique network of people from all works of life receiving practical solutions for sustainable development. As a member of YEN, you will have:

  1. Access to our periodic Training, Workshop, Seminar, Expo and Conference.
  2. FREE Access to Over 16+ Skill Up Series Training held every year.
  3. Access to our Micro-Business Loan Scheme. Loan of up to N300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand Naira) without collateral with low interest rate.
  4. Over 19% discount on all our 13+ Skill Acquisition Trainings;
    1. Makeup & Gele
    2. Small Chops
    3. Cocktail, Mocktail, Smoothies
    4. Pastry Making
    5. Cake Baking & Icing
    6. Event Decoration
    7. EVent Management
    8. Graphics Designs
    9. Photography
    10. Videography
    11. Wordpress Design
    12. Basic Computer Operations
    13. Sugar Craft & Cake Decoration
  5. FREE Access to over 21+ Skill up series training videos  & PDF available for download;

    1 - Shawarma
    2 - Pizza Making
    3 - Yoghurt Making
    4 - Barbeque & Grills
    5 - Parfait & Smoothies
    6 - Bread Making
    7 - Fruit Craft
    8 -  African Chops - Isi-Ewu & Nkwobi Making
    9 - Product Photography with Smart Phone
    10 - Photo Editing with Smart Phone
    11 - Household Product
    12 - Mini Importation
    13 - Digital Marketing
    14 - Affiliate Marketing
    15 - Cake Baking / Trendy Cup Cake design
    16 - Gele Tying
    17 - Fascinator
    18 - Cocktail Mixing
    19 - Mocktail Mixing
    20 - Smoothies Making
    21 - Nigerian Cuisine
  6. Customized capacity building training on Enterpreneurship.

  7. Opportunity to network, generate referrals/increased business.

  8. Great discount on several Events, Expo, Conferences and so on organized by our affiliates.

  9. Opportunity to partner with us.

  10. Advertise your business within our network.

  11. Members Area log-in.

  12. A monthly membership e-newsletter keeping you up to date on members news, events and opportunities, YEN activities and call to actions.

  13. Access to our online resources centre; downloadable books and videos.

  14. Access to our Build Your Business (BYB) Services such as:

  1. Business name registration
  2. Design of logo
    1. Website / Blog Development
    2. Designs of Call card, Invoices, Receipts, Letter head etc
    3. FREE consulting / Business advice

Membership Fee

Membership fees are contributions from people who intend to join YEN. Its an expression of support and commitment to YEN, which is a key indicator of commitment to YEN values.

Membership Fee:                  EighteenThousand Naira (N18,000)

                                                International Members: $50

Payment Information:            Account Name: YEN LEARNING CENTRE LIMITED
                                                Account Number: 0664385487
                                               Bank Account: GTBank

Membership Responsibility

  • All members should fully adhere to the policies and rules of YEN. The spirit, values and standards expressed within the mission and vision of YEN
  • All members are expected to actively participate, whenever possible, in YEN meetings and activities.
  • All members are expected to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise with YEN and other members. Each member can contribute something uniquely valuable to the goal of strengthening this community.
  • All members are expected to provide YEN with up-to-date contact information and details.
  • All members are required to pay an annual membership renewal fee of N5,000
  • All International members (Nigerians Outside the Country) are required to pay an annual membership renewal fee of $20


How to Apply?

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