Skill Acquisition
Makeup & Gele  Training
9th - 26th, March, 2020
₦19,500 Closing 3rd, March, 2020
₦23,000 From 4th, March, 2020
Includes Makeup Kit, Handout & Certificate
Cake Baking & Icing Training
6th - 30th, April, 2020
N19,500 Closing 2, April 2020
N23,000 From , 3 April 2020
Includes Ingredient, Handout & Certificate
Event Decoration Training
4th - 21st, May 2020
Fee: N15,500
For YEN members: N7,500
Includes Training Manual & Certificate


Skill Acquisition Programme

About YEN Skill Acquisition Programme

Event Decoration Training

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Makeup & Gele Training 2020

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