Micro Business Loan

Youth Empowerment Nigeria (YEN) SME LOAN SCHEME

The attention of the general public, Youth Empowerment Nigeria members, all affiliate NGOS of Youth Empowerment Nigeria are welcome to partake in YEN SME Support initiative through offering of Loans with no collateral and grants to intending young business men and women. YEN is partnering with Microfinance banks and SME Agencies in Nigeria to offer loans to prospective participants. Interest FREE loans will be given to all YEN members and affiliate NGO’s.

GRANTS CATEGORIES                    (16years - 21years)

SCHEME A   #100,000

SCHEME B     #50,000


LOANS CATEGORIES                       (21years - 45years)

SCHEME A   #300,000

SCHEME B   #200,000

SCHEME C   #100,000

SCHEME D   #50,000

All loan categories attracts a nominal Interest rate of

5% for 3months

7% for 6months

9% for 9months

11% for 12months.


Micro Business Loan


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