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Leveraging on Technology for Business Growth in the year 2020
About this Event
As we head into 2020, we're inviting you to a packed, full-day Conference where experts will show you how to exceed your sales goals Leveraging on technology. This is also an opportunity to make deals and strike alliances with other successful business owners that have leveraged on technology and have seen tremendous result in their business
Here's what your day will look like
  • If your entire advertising budget is $100, how do you spend it smartly and maximise return on ad spend this holiday season?Yemi Johnson — former COO at Hotels.ng, and co-founder of Natural Girl Wigs — will share the exact ad buying strategies that have helped him scale his businesses, and attract new customers on a budget.
  • Former Jumia Senior Content Editor (now Paystack Content Marketer) Temitope Olaleye will share strategies for maximising sales during the massive Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping period
  • Skynet and GIG Logistics — 2 of the biggest delivery companies operating in Nigeria — will share tips on how to stay on top of deliveries this holiday season
  • The Paystack Customer Success team will do a deep dive into how to leverage simple and free merchant tools such as Paystack Payment Pages and Invoices to drive sales
  • Finally, you'll join a roundtable discussion where other business owners share some things that worked for them last year, and how they're planning for 2019's holiday shopping season
Event details
Date: Friday,  13th of Dec, 2019
Time: 10 AM to 4 PM
Venue: DCM Hotel, Egbeda, Lagos
Conference Agenda

10:00 - 10:15 AM: Welcome and introductions

10:15 - 11:15 AM: Leveraging simple and free merchant tools to drive sales this holiday shopping season

11:15 - 12:15 PM: Maximising sales during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales rush

12:15 - 12:45 PM: Coffee and networking with fellow business owners

12:45 - 1:45 PM: How to run profitable and smart Facebook & Instagram ads during the holiday season

2:00 - 2:30 PM: How to stay on top of deliveries this end of the year shopping season

2:30 - 3:00 PM: Snacks and refreshments

3:00 - 4:00 PM: Roundtable discussions to share marketing and sales strategies that have worked well for other businesses

4:00 - 4:10 PM: Closing remarks!

Other ways Paystack is helping merchants this holiday season
The holiday season is an incredible sales opportunity for merchants, and we're working hard to ensure that Paystack merchants get a large share of the cake.

Are you and your agency ready? Because the world is changing and the only way you can remain indispensable is to change too. Which is why this year’s IPA Business Growth conference is about re-thinking every aspect of the way you operate. If you want it to be business as usual, be prepared to do things that aren’t.

Business Growth Conference 2019

The IPA Business Conference is the key event of the year to hear from different perspectives about what is being done to achieve profitable and sustainable growth.

If you are an Agency Leader, Financial Director, COO, Commercial Director, New Business Director, Business Director or Client Services Director – and want to future-proof your business, then this is the event for you.


Conference Only:

IPA Members: £175 +VAT

Non-Members: £250 +VAT

Combined Ticket with the Future-Proofing Your Agency Workshop

IPA Members: £325 + VAT

Non-Members: £450 + VAT

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Join in the debate

Register your participation for the live online forum to discuss how the role of account handling has changed and where the true value lies. 

"We recognise that advertising, and the advertising industry, has recalibrated greatly, changing shape in recent years with no sign of abating. Which presents us with a clear choice – lament the changes and try to justify our existence, or reinvent ourselves to be as relevant and potent as ever. It’s this latter option, which informs this years conference. If we seek to learn and grow as practitioners we will grow our clients and if we grow our clients we will grow our businesses. That’s the principle.”
Marc Nohr, CEO, Fold7

Please see some of the highlights from past conferences.


8.30           Registration and Refreshments 

9.00           Welcome

                  Marc Nohr, CEO, Fold7 and CLG Chair                              

9.15           Key Note Presentation

                  Nigel Vaz, Global CEO, Publicis Sapient and IPA President

Keynote presentation from newly appointed IPA President. How can our industry become more commercially relevant to our clients to ensure their growth is our growth? 

9.35           Developing a Growth Mindset – An Outside Perspective

                  Brian Bacon, Chairman and Founder, Oxford Leadership

Brian’s experience at Oxford Leadership is to help companies accelerate sustainable business performance. Today he shares his perspective on developing a growth mind set, in particular the relationship between personal and corporate growth.

10.05          Driving Growth from a Client Perspective

Marc Nohr, CEO, Fold7 in conversation with

Lisa Thomas, Chief Brand Officer, Virgin

What are the challenges that clients face to drive growth? What value can their agencies bring and how can we better work together to achieve win:win on both sides.

10.25          Driving Value for the Advertising Industry

Janet Markwick, Founder & CEO, Markwick Consulting and IPA Commercial Leadership Group and Sam Jordan, Executive Vice President, Manifesto Growth Architects

How can agencies deliver value to their clients and what are the commercial options available to them? How have other industries transitioned from selling ‘time’ to selling ‘products and services’. New learning gives agencies tangible tools and techniques to succeed in this space.

10.55          Coffee Break                    

11.25          The Three Client Trends That Will Change How Agencies Are Selected

                   Brent Hodgins, MD, Mirren Business Development

For more than a decade in their partnership with Harvard Business Review, Mirren has been working closely with clients to track exactly how they select their agency partners. Their latest research has been revealed, and more change is expected in the next 18 months than experienced over the last decade. Brent will unveil the three most significant trends ahead, including a look at management consulting firms, in-housing and marketing technology. 

12.05          Next Generation of Business Growth

Panel session hosted by Sara Tate, CEO, TBWA

Amelia Torode, Founder, The Fawnbrake Collective

David Abraham, CEO, Wonderhood Studios

Chris Clarke, Creative Partner, Group of Humans

How is our industry evolving? What new business models are the new communication companies adopting and how do they see the future of the industry?

12.45        Closing Remarks

                 Marc Nohr, CEO, Fold7 & CLG Chair

13.00        Lunch and Networking

2.30          Close

This agenda is subject to change.


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